Sundicators Active Pack – Outdoor Sports Skin Protection


Sundicators Active 5-Pack UV Wristbands

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Sundicators are the perfect sun defense for sportsmen and women of all ages. They’re chlorinated, salt and fresh waterproof, too. So whatever your game is, whether competing against yourself or others, they’re easy to wear, and don’t interfere!

Sundicators Active Pack

Skin Protection for all Outdoor Sports & Recreation

When your inner-athlete emerges, there are no limits. Whether it’s swimming, hiking, biking, tennis, golf, baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, kayaking or whatever it is that ignites your athletic passion, the great outdoors is all yours. But when you’re engaged in competition with yourself or with others, it’s not hard to overlook the skin damage you’re being exposed to while UV Rays do their subtle, steady work. And while you may have remembered to use sunscreen, don’t forget it’s fully effective only when used properly and continuously applied. But now there’s a new, simple way to prevent sunburn and its after-effects: Sundicators Active Pack.

The correlation between sun exposure and outdoor sports, whether they take place on land, water or in atmospheric conditions, is significant. Participants in outdoor athletics are typically outfitted in clothes or uniforms designed to keep them cool, and without much regard for preventing sun exposure. In addition many events and games are held during peak hours of the day, which exposes athletes to maximum UV rays and no easy way to determine when to re-apply sunscreen. Perspiration also adds to the sun’s reflectiveness and triggers additional photo sensitivity in the skin. This increases the chance of sunburn, sun damage and even more serious skin conditions such as skin cancer and Melanoma.


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