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Sundicators Spotless Man –  10 Pack Uv Wristbands

Did you know that a man’s skin is more sensitive to the sun than a woman’s? Sun protection and anti-aging skin care seem like a one-size-fits-all deal, but nothing’s further from the truth when it comes to men’s skin health and wellness. Men’s skin is much thicker, and therefore requires a higher concentration of ingredients in order to work with the same efficiency. In addition men’s skin produces fewer antioxidants, which also increases their need of sun protection.

Studies have shown that men generally spend more time outdoors, and as such are more prone to sun damage and skin cancer. So to get the best sun protection possible, men should re-apply sunscreen frequently during activities that take place during times of UV sun exposure.

With age our skin suffers natural wear-and-tear, just like the rest of our bodies. But much of the skin damage we think comes from natural aging is actually due to sun exposure, along with other factors. That means it can be avoided; and no, it’s never too late to start.

Men like simplicity. And there’s nothing simpler than glancing occasionally at a sunscreen-coated wristband to see if it’s changed colors. If it has, it’s time to add more.

Sun protection isn’t just a cosmetic thing, or a girly thing. It’s a health thing.

Sundicators Spotless Man – Antiaging Skin Protection For Men

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Let’s be honest, men prefer simplicity in their daily grooming routines. This is precisely why skin care companies, until recently, only advertised toward women. The majority of men barely spend the time needed to apply after-shave, let alone moisturizing creams, lotions or the most important: sunscreen. It’s no great stretch to consider that men rarely even think about the latter. This is where Sundicators come in.

Sunscreen is just as important as brushing your teeth. It will help to protect your skin against sun damaging elements and allow it (your skin) to do its job-protecting your vital organs-without interference. There’s no easier way for men to put up an anti-aging defense and ward-off sun damage than through properly applied sunscreen.

With Sundicators Spotless Man there’s no guesswork; in fact there’s almost no effort needed to armor yourself against the dangers of the sun. Before going outside for the day, put on the wristband and include it as you apply sunscreen to yourself. As the sunscreen loses its effectiveness, your Sundicator will change colors letting you know when to re-apply and, ultimately, when to get out of the sun. Sundicators…Simple. Easy. Effective.


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